Denver Water - Boxers - billboard, USA


Denver Water - Boxers - billboard, USA

Honestly, someone needs to explain this ad to me - perhaps the Denver Egotist folks can help - is this poster trying to say "conserve water, don't wash your undies"? If so, why are the hearts getting paler for each day of wear?

Sukle Advertising and Design , Denver, Colorado - the guys behind the fantastic looking total beverages total rehaul - created this. Kudos to the team;

Sukle Advertising and Design
Mike Sukle : Creative Director
Jim Glynn : Copywriter
Andy Dutlinger & Jeff Euteneuer : Art Director

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Well I don't get it. They would rather be more... ehrm... colorful... but in another color say...

Same here. I'd take lots and lots of washing to fade 'em out - not just wearing them. Count me mystified.

Using more water than you "need" to wash your clothes makes your clothes fade?

Yeah that's what I was thinking too, someone is washing their shorts ten times a day.

If you look closely, the guy is wearing the same shorts. On Monday, the boxers are on like you'd normally wear boxers. Tuesday, the boxers are backwards. Wednesday, they're inside-out, but they're on correctly. Thursday, they're inside-out, but on backwards. So the guy is USING ONLY WHAT HE NEEDS!

So, here's the deal: those underpants are being worn regular the first day, then backwards the second day, then inside out and frontwards the third day, then inside out and reverse the last day (the 'faded' is really the inside out action). It's just saying conserve water, wear your stuff more and wash it less - much to the chagrin of your spouse.

OH! Well yeah, in the enlarged image I can now see that they're backwards. I missed that on first viewing.

Plus, you two guys need to buy each other coke's or something now - you posted that practically at the same time. :))

Now I feel rather silly for not spotting that.

If you didn't spot it on a webpage - imagine if you'd spot it going 60mph on the highway. ;)

This is gross D:
Who the hell wears the same underwear for a week....grosssss

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