Detective Magazine - details - (2008) print Italy


Detective Magazine - details - (2008) print Italy

Grey Milano / Milano did this discreet ad for the one and only Detective Magazine. Spot the clues.

Francesco Nencini, Photographer
Grey Milano / Milano
Francesco Emiliani, Executive Creative Director
Francesca Andriani, Copywriter
Stefano Fantini, Art Director

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Nice. I keep wondering if we're supposed to keep looking for clues/bodies/body parts after we find the initial ones.

That's exactly what I kept doing too, but no I don't think there's anything more than the initial dead body (and possibly the fetus in a jar)

What about the skull in the wastebasket to the left of the desk?

I figured the skull was the dead guy, and the fetus simply a morbid thing to have in the bookshelf but not part of the case. ;)

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