Torke in Lisboa (yeah yeah, Lisbon - Lisboa sounds cooler though) stabbed people in the back, drenched toilets in blood and generally squicked people out with their new Dexter Guerilla stunts campaign.
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I'll let Torke explain:

For the premier of the second season of Dexter on the FX channel a campaign was launched by Torke with several moments of communication.

1. A kitchen wrapping paper kit was sent to the media. Printed in the box was the copy: “Dexter’s wrapping paper, due to its impermeability and adhesion keeps the victim well wrapped and the floor free of blood splatter. Avoiding leaving clues and traces of any crimes.” Information about the series was printed in the wrapping paper.

2. In Lisbon’s major streets promoters with a knife stuck to their back and dripping blood handed out flyers that were inside a evidence bag. The promoters informed people about the series and told them that they could be next.

3. Guerrilla action in the toilets. When you entered the bathroom above the urinal you saw a poster announcing Dexter. When you flushed blood would come pouring down. At that moment a connection was made with the poster that stated: Do you see blood everywhere? Then this season is for you!”

4. In Publicard’s national network you could find post cards inside evidence bags and a post card with the hand of a mannequin telling people to watch “in first hand” Dexter every Wednesday on the FX channel.
Agency: Torke


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