Near Brioude, a town of 6,700 inhabitants in the Haute-Loire region, two temporary billboards were built. One of them displaying 258km directions, nearly a 5-hour drive to get toe Burger King. The other showed make a left to McDonald's. Here's a short film of the day they put the sign up. It wasn't up for long, but long enough to make an ad and amuse the villagers.

Client: McDonald’s France SVP Chief Marketing Officer: Xavier Royaux Trade Marketing Director: José Jacinto Trade Marketing Manager:Bérangère Dubuc Agency: TBWA\PARIS Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie Art director: Philippe Taroux Copywriter: Benoît Leroux General Manager : Luc Bourgery Account Director: Matthéo Pressmar Account Executive:Gaël D’Oliveira Production: Else, Maxime Boiron, Jennifer Bauche Production designer: Eddy Penot Film director: Olivier Corre Photographer: Yoann Stoeckel

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  • Nathan Krettler's picture
    Nathan Krettler (not verified)

    I found this so interesting. I have been exploring the importance of infographics and what elements that make a good infographic. This Advertisement shows me what I have learned which is the importance of a visual comparison. I'd be interested to find out how effective this advertising stunt was. I think it was very creative and certainly eye-catching.

    Feb 26, 2016

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