Divine Typos


Divine Typos


Not all copywriters are super proficient spellers or grammar scholars. But that's why it's important to have a good proof reader on your team. Or at least a second pair of eyes to double check copy you might have been staring at for days or weeks. Spellcheckers can sometimes only help so much.

Want to see why proof readers are important to keeping your brand from looking like a fool? Read on.

Worst part is that it's not just one typo in the headline. And they both would have been caught with a simple spellchecker. Oopsie.



It wuz intensionall!

hahaaha! Of course it was. It's the "tone of voice" og HGTV, see. Yup.

Yeah, that's why they fixed it the next time it ran. I showed it to a carpenter who loathes those quick-fix shows and thinks it's just perfect for the quality of workmanship that they do.

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