"Don't drink and drive" billboard made out of 80 crashed cars

How do you get people to take home the "Don't drink and drive" message, they've heard it all before, billboards seem to have little impact (pardon the pun), dramatic TV numbs us to the gore.... Shalmor Avnon Amichay/ Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv thought "perhaps making the billboard out of actual crashed cars will do the trick?"

80 cars that crashed in accidents
15 tons worth of metal
20 meters tall giant bottle shaped urban construction
1 of the country's busiest highway and intersection
3 months long project – starting today
1,000,000 people exposed to the message every day
1 message:

"Don't drink and drive"

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/ Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan Creative Director: Amit Gal Art Director: Ran Cory Copywriter: Paul Paszkowski Media: Moshe Nur - Nur Star Media Client: Or Yarok / Nur Star Media
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