Dragon Noodle -Hoist your Feast pants - print USA


Dragon Noodle -Hoist your Feast pants - print USA

There are thousands of restaurant choices in Las Vegas. The Dragon Noodle Company needed a fresh, new identity to help its eight-year-old noodle shop stand out. Since Chinese restaurant graphics are largely generic, ubiquitous and clichéd, LA-based creative agency David&Goliath wanted to have a fun and engaging celebration of those clichés and create an approach as unique and vibrant as Vegas itself.

And thusly, we get headlines like "Magic tingles await your inside body".

Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director: John Kieselhorst
Art Director: John Kieselhorst
Copywriter: Greg Szmurlo

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Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Love 'em. My wife wants poster-sized reprints.

I really like 'em as well. :)

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