While guerilla marketing is usually associated with hip, edgy brands, the St. Louis Symphony and Drive Agency are out to change that perception. Using massive stencils and some spray chalk, crosswalks all over the city were transformed into sheet music to promote upcoming concerts and attract a new, younger demographic.

Drive Agency is a full-service advertising agency in downtown St. Louis, MO, specializing in non-traditional advertising. At night, it's St. Louis' only commission-free art gallery that supports local and national artists.

Drive Agency

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  • kidsleepy's picture

    depending on what part of the country you are, it's still a no-no to mess with the crosswalk signs. i had a mess-with-crosswalk idea die for that same reason. dagummit.

    but from the photos, drive didn't do that but created their own so i guess it's kosher.

    Jun 14, 2008