Drive Road Safety Campaign for TopGear Magazine


Drive Road Safety Campaign for TopGear Magazine

DraftFCB were shocked by the alarming fact that each year an average of 100 children are killed by motorists in urban areas and decided to create an ad on that topic as a reminder about the importance of safe driving. This ad which appeared in Top Gear shows a typical scene of a child playing with chalk but places him on a residential city street creating his own CSI-style white body outline as a stark reminder that motorists should observe the speed limit and slow down in these areas.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Creative Director: Peter Kusters

Art Director: Wouter Kampman

Copywriter: Marcel Haasdijk

Photographer: Roel Nederveen

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Well, if kids will play in the road with chalk, they can expect to be knocked over!


Don't come here with your LOGIC man.

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