Durex Play Lubricant - Trainwreck - print p.o.s Australia

Spinach, Melbourne need to communicate the benefit of Durex Play lubricant in an environment that has an audience ranging from children to old prudes, so this Point of Sale poster for Durex PLay Lubricant had to have a perceived 'G' rating, yet not.


We all know what trains and tunnels symbolize, as Hitchcock once quipped that need not show sex scenes in films as he had "already shown everything" in North By Northwest when the train enters the tunnel.
This trainwreck isn't a train entering a tunnel, obviously and that's the clever. But I'm getting the opposite in my head, lots of logs leaving a tunnel. Oh sorry, I shouldn't have gone there.


Doug Byrnes, Photographer Frank Morabito, Creative Director Simon Cooper, Art Director
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Well, you might need some sort of lubricant to ease the passage of those 'logs' from the 'tunnel'!
But, I'd see a doctor about the color of those logs! :-)

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Toot-toot! ;)

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PS. Yo Dabz, no mention of the apple vs. the state of NY thing?

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I read about it on Friday but was in no mood to post anything after the news about Paul. I've been travelling all weekend.