To tempt people to resturant Tres in Gothenburg, Miami served vacuum packed Serrano ham as DM in peoples mailboxes.
"We wanted to do something different, something that made people stop and take notice, that's rather unusual in our business" says David Lyckdal restaurateur of the Spanish bar Tres. Having a slice of vacuum packed Serrano ham arriving with the mail instead of the usual "you may already be a winner.." crap, is indeed rather different. (read more to see DM piece).

"So far all our response has been postive, continues David Lyckdal, even though we've expected that vegetarians might not like the DM piece, so far no one has complained. There's been no issue with the hams durability, the ham is guaranteed to last until next march."

The ham is labelled with Tres opening hours, phone number and address, the 'headline' reads: "taste Spain" and encourages recipients to bring the barcode with them to Tres in exchange for a free tapas.

AD agency: Miami