EnBW "Earth Plug" promotion - Ambient


EnBW "Earth Plug" promotion - Ambient

EnbW is building the first geothermal power station in Germanys Baden-Württemberg, making the company a pioneer in this field. This idea, via agency Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg, aims at making people aware of EnBW's commitment. The concept is very simple; those gray traffic bollards were combined this sticker (to the left) on the ground: the result gave the impression of a giant highly realistic, three domensional electric plug. See more inside.

Product: Geothermal Energy
Agency : Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg
Executive Creative Director: Wolf Heumann
Creative Director: Sascha Hanke
Creative Director: Timm Hanebeck
Copywriter: Clemens Sehi
Art Director: Andy Tran
Junior Art Director: Nadya Innamorato
Account Manager: Carl-Christian Berge
Production: Philipp Wenhold, Ulla Bayer

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I'm I the only one thinking that the idea would have been more 'correct' had this been a socket rather than a plug?

No, you're not the only one that thinks that, I was about to post the same comment and then read yours.

Is it me or are all briefs now coming in with a "must have a green message" attached?

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