Eram dolls encourage you to play with yourself.


Eram dolls encourage you to play with yourself.

French shoe and accessory store Éram is known for being a bargain, but not necessarily fashionable. Havas 360 set out to change that perception. These ads depict women (and men) literally playing with dolls versions of themselves with a call to action encouraging all to play with themselves. Ah, France. Don't ever change.

Client: ERAM
Agency: Havas 360
Co-CEO : Vincent Mayet
Executive creative director: Thomas Derouault
Artistic Director: Gael Caron
Copywritter: Benoit Salles
Business Director : Ophélie Dumay
Group Head: Pauline Arguillere
Agency production: Cécile Ousset, Anne Mascorda
Production House: Lundi Production
Producer: Flavie Smilenko
Photographer: Elena Rendina
Retouches: D Touch

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