Similar to how the USA used Hollywood films in its latest ad campaign (see it here) to tempt people to See America, Eurostar is attempting to attract Parisians to London using Harry Potter in their advertising. The headline reads, "It's time to see London." And apparently, films to have an impact on tourism.


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    Haha, I actually like that ad! I mean, "Hairy Potter" is wonderfully overused, but still it's creative. I wonder if J. K. approved of that or not. It's not surprising that films boost tourism. They pick some of the most exotic and exciting landscapes that appeal to the eye. Harry had Scotland... Narnia and Lord of the Rings had New Zealand. Not only that, I suppose that sense of 'adventure' in the films translates to audiences, saying "this place will show you experiences you've never had before!" Die hard fans are always going on tours of locations from movies and books. There are Harry Potter and Da Vinci tours that happen yearly. I guess the tourism industry over there has noticed.

    Mar 31, 2006

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