Express couriers - Self Destruct - exploding billboard, New Zealand


Express couriers - Self Destruct - exploding billboard, New Zealand

This billboard was fitted with a digital clock that counted down, and at zero hour it blew up with lots of fanfare.

The courier company's motto is "When Deadline Couriers gives you a time, they actually mean it." To demonstrate this we chose a billboard in the middle of the city to make a little noise. On it we placed a digital countdown clock, together with a promise that the billboard would self-destruct at zero hour. And at that exact moment - we blew it up - with nitramine dry powder, strobe grenades and smoke bombs. With a small budget ($20,000) a billboard was the most appropriate, most cost effective and most powerful medium to bring this idea to life.

ad agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland New Zealand

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I wonder what the city leaders thought about the exploding billboard. Did they get the correct variances, etc.? I.e. Were they legal when they did it? Seems like someone might want to sue if they got hurt (remember I'm from the USA - we're very litigious here). :-)
Very cool, nevertheless!

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