FAADA (a foundation for the adoption, the sponsorship and defense of animals) works to make people aware of the consequences when they buy an animal very impulsively, without thinking about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. For that reason, Contrapunto Barcelona created three ads showing a run over Playstation, Mr. Potato Head and a Circuit, representing three animals that were abandoned as used toys.

Text: Each time more people get tired of your animals and they condemn them the death abandoning in roads. A dog is not a toy. F.A.A.D.A - FOUNDATION FOR THE ADOPTION, SPONSOR AND DEFENSE OF THE ANIMALS. www.faada.org

Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona Client: F.A.A.D.A Art Director: Deny Zatariano Copywrite: Emma Piquer Creative Directors: Tomás Oliva / Manuel Padilla Photographer: Carlos Spottorno

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