Remember Flogos? That is, floating logos/ ads in the air? Well here's a campaign that's actually used flogos, along with everything else. Fido Sessions is a series of events that promote art, travel and design.

To get attention, they began by placing small white dolls, called "Fidolls" all over Toronto’s downtown core. Fidolls have appered in the form of chalk art, sidewalk washes, tree hangers and "through the first Canadian use of ‘Flogos’", and finally the appearance of the 30-foot tall versions. Text the number on them and ye shall receive information. Bos, Toronto pulled this off.

Chad Borlase, Gary Watson : Creative Director
Ibraheem Youssef : Art Director
Mwewa Frederick Nduna : Copywriter
Client: Sébastien Moïse, Marketing Manager - Ontario, Fido
Client Service: Jennifer Sullivan, Katherine Fryday
Media Agency: Bos, Toronto
Media Planners: Kyleen Labreche, Jill Wellard, Emily Ouellette
Event planning: District Lifestyle Marketing, Toronto