So you wake up Sunday morning, and see the contents of last night's pants
pockets strewn about - keys, a piece of lint, wallet, 37 cents in
change, and a crumpled napkin with a scrawled phone number on it.
Whose number is that? Where were you? You have no clue. Don't you hate
when that happens? If you'd gone to 3 Bar and Grill in Arlington, VA,
you wouldn't have to ask these questions. These handy napkins come
already printed with space for a name and phone number, and tell you
exactly where the encounter happened. So no matter how fuzzy your
memories of the night before, it's all right there for you, courtesy
of 3 Bar and Grill.

Client: 3 Bar and Grill, Arlington, VA Agency: Bill Santry Design Art: Bill Santry Copy: Aaron Spratt

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