Oh that's exactly what we need, an Adshel that menstruates.

TBWA\Whybin Auckland built special adshels that went through a monthly cycle. PMS, Chocolate cravings and all.
It was first filled with tampons, and then the adshels were filled daily with free stuff women need over the course of a month.Chocolate, to fruit, to naughty knickers, to voodoo man-dolls and so on. Any passing female could help herself to the free Flossie-branded items. How fun. :) Click on the image to get a better look. Go inside to read credits but only if you promise not to giggle at the ECD's surname.

Client: Flossie Agency: TBWA\Whybin Auckland Andy Blood : Executive Creative Director Guy Roberts : Creative Director Jessica Neale : Creative Amy Thexton : Creative Group Account Director: Sarah Goldring Account Manager: David Wilson