Fotolia - The Bold type only leading european stock campaign


Fotolia - The Bold type only leading european stock campaign

I love the sarcasm here. I love that the long-running sentences manages to pack in both American and European stereotypes with tongue firmly planted in cheek, while name-dropping drool-worthy designer items carefully painting a picture in your mind that corresponds to what's described. I love that the response to a photo-agency brief is a campaign without photos. I love that the Globe and Mail did a special report on this campaign. What I really hate is that I can't read this as the Gill Sans Ultra Bold is kerned tighter than commuters on a Tokyo-subway without developing a migraine, so I haven't bothered reading more than one of these.
I realize the hard-to-read is a feature intended, I personally don't like it and find it unnecessary, as a long rambling sentences are commitment enough in the visual+small-logo world we are used to seeing.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann Calgary
Art/Creative Director: Mike Meadus
Typography: Mike Meadus
Copywriter: Nicolle Pittman

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