The front page: what did yours look like?


The front page: what did yours look like?


Major news events have a way of hogging the front page of a newspaper and setting the tone, so what did your newspaper look like today? Brash, somber, bloody or as usual? Here is Politiken newspaper from Denmark leading with an image of the most London-like of all things, the suit-clad man (in July!) who is still clinging to his bloody rag of a newspaper. Collage of other front pages around the world inside.

Adgrunts, you are a worldwide bunch, I hope that you are OK.


Does anyone know which UK paper that bloodied gent is carrying? I'm betting the folks in their marketing dept. are soiling themselves over the opportunity to use that photo in an ad to show how important their paper is to people. Instant winner.

Best wishes to you Londoners - You have our hearts and thoughts.

Layout looks like the Daily Mail. Which is depressing in and of itself.

Best wishes to all the friends family and advertising community back home from us exiles in Chicago

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