Getty images- whatever goes through your mind - print Israel


Getty images- whatever goes through your mind - print Israel

This print campaign could also be called "pictogram of how stereotypical creatives think". Ah, can you feel the honour in being the target group adgrunts? Aren't we special? Don't bother trying to enlarge the images, the submitted work was already in 600 pixels wide only.

Lines read:
Line: "Short list sucks I want Lions"

Line: "Fuck! The client wanted a bigger logo."

Line: "Creative directors R ass holes"

Line: "Supervisors drive me nuts."

Line: "Hard sale briefs make me sick."

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Art Director: Tal Ben-ari
Copywriter: Eran (Shushu) Spanier

Ad type: 


Stereotypes. make. me. puke.

One. idea. repeat.

I'm sure we can all think of others...

Then again, in Israel, this kind of work might well be seen as cutting edge. I think it might have made a good banner campaign where the user could input a sentence of 6 words and get a selection of images presented.

Just an idea :)

And a MUCH better one.

You're too kind.

The bribe should hit your account soon

Nice one. A large bottle of scotch was exactly what I needed today. Care to join me?

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