Glide Dental Floss - Pig (between buildings) , ambient, USA


Glide Dental Floss - Pig (between buildings) , ambient, USA

Saatchi & Saatchi New York ambient for Glide Dental Floss involves a pig. I have no idea what a pig has to do with dental floss. Are they saying that I have a bit of pork rind jammed between my teeth just like this pig is jammed between buildings? Are buildings the teeth of the city? Wow. Far fetched but eyecatching then I guess.

Saatchi and Saatchi NY
Tony Granger (Executive Creative Director)
Kerry Keenan (Creative Director)
Alison Gragnano (Creative Director)
Michael Schachtner (Art Director)
Menno Kluin (Art Director)
Julia Neumann (Copywriter)

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Damn. Probably one of the best guerrilla stunts I´ve seen.
Of course they mean that the pork is stuck between the teeth.

So good it hurts!

Does anyone know where and when this OOH ad ran? How was it constructed? And by whom?

I thought it was at King and Varick NYC, but when I walked past the other day I realized that it couldn't be - now I'm not sure it even ran in New York City. I suggest you call up Saatchi NYC and inquire on the production of the pig. Probably by the same type of crew that do the Macy's thanksgiving parade balloons. ;)

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