Gorge Grown Farmers Market - Carrots & Skewers - ambient, USA


Gorge Grown Farmers Market - Carrots & Skewers - ambient, USA

Brian says "We lined a city block with six big carrots, then covered the town with antenna skewers for a local farmers' market. The images kind of speak for themselves." and indeed they do, looks like the whole town found new reason to be saying "chomp chomp, what's up doc?" all day long. Looks really cute with giant carrots on the street.

Advertising Agency: Owen Jones & Partners, Portland, OR
Creative Director: Brian Hennessy
Art Director: Craig Skinner
Copywriter: Nick Hughes
Launch: June, 2008

Some extra carrots.

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Skewers is the correct English word (at least here in the USA)

Man, typo in the headline before running to work. SORRY!

Seems to me that it's a sort of Freudian Slip -
Carrots -> Rabbits -> Rabbits reknown for reproduction -> rabbits = screwers
Therefore Carrots and Screwers!

Either that, or your s.o. had better take the hint :-)

Of course, Giant Carrots is really laying it on thick (oops - not really intended puns:-)). Or as Melanie** sang "A thing is a phallic symbol, if it's longer than it's wide, as Freud goes marching on!". .

**=>Melanie is probably best known for "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)", and for "Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma" ; although, some of us also remember "Beautiful People", "Brand New Key" (aka "The Roller Skate Song", and "Uptown Down". She performed at Woodstock (1969), among many others, and is still touring and releasing albums.

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