Scala JWT, Bucharest are back again with another ad promoting the use of energy saving economic light bulbs (their previous light bulb bugs are seen here). Being kind to the animals on the planet is a nice idea, but will that alone change peoples habits?
My man has been stockpiling and sneakily replacing all bulbs in the house with economic light bulbs for years - and not because he's an animal loving hippie or worries that much about his carbon footprint. Nope. He's doing it because he's a cheap lazy guy who wants smaller bills and less changing of all the hard to reach light bulbs in our super-high ceilings. Just once, I'd like to see a campaign appeal to guys like him, showing dusty ladders and tiny electric bills.

Since he's in control of the bulbs in the house, we've already changed - but if you wanted to make me do it all you'd have to do is create an economical bulb that had the right color light. Us insomniac artist get right picky with the color of light and the only room in the house with old fashioned bulbs is my office. Yes I'm bad. Spank me.

Angela Teodorescu : Creative Catalyst Andrei Orcula : Photographer Mihai Cojocaru : Creative Director Andreea Dragomir : Copywriter Bogdan Danailescu, Virgiliu Andone : Art Director