The Greenville Humane Society cheeky campaign to snip your pets, sound design by Big Yellow Duck

The Greenville Humane Society and ad agency Erwin-Penland, Greenville, SC created these funny ads to go with the TV spot encouraging people to snip their pets. Because there is no such thing as "safe sex" for pets. The print ads spoof 'personal' ads where cats and dogs seek some naughty time with likeminded, and another one shows all the tricks you can teach a dog and the one trick yu can't.

Meanwhile, Subtle sound design from Big Yellow Duck’s, New York, engineer Keith Hodne played a key role in the TV spot “The Talk” (:30) for the Greenville Humane Society, Greenville, SC. For Hodne the biggest challenge was to replace much of the audio from the original shoot because, among other things, you could hear the dog trainer whispering, "hump" to the dog.

"This was a very quiet spot, so lots of room noise from the production crew and the dog trainer were picked up," Hodne said. "I replaced that audio with a palette of subtle noises you'd hear inside a room on a sunny afternoon – birds chirping, cars and lawnmowers off in the distance. I also created the sound of the dog humping the guy's leg. There was no music in the spot, so the sound design really stands out. Because of that it was crucial everything I did be subtle and realistic."

Client: The Greenville Humane Society Agency: Erwin-Penland, Greenville, SC Sound Design: Big Yellow Duck
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Sorry, but I'm pretty sure the whole singles ad thing has been done by humane societies across the country many times over. Most notably, the Atlanta Humane Society put ads in dating sections in the paper. When people called the number, it was the sound of a dog followed by a message to adopt from the humane society.

The TV spot is kinda funny.