Grey Poupon - Spread good taste / Gay pride ad - (2013)




Grey Poupon - Spread good taste / Gay pride ad - (2013)

Grey Poupon comes out with a hand-holding image on Facebook, and AllFacebook asks Will Grey Poupon Be This Year’s Oreo? as if that rainbow cookie was all that Oreo ever did. Hello? Daily twist? Not like Oreo was an ever-changing daily Google-doodle or nuthin'.

Grey Poupon has had a 16 year hiatus from advertising, and when they returned with CP+B they went straight into recycling what they used to be famous for, and created The Lost Footage Trailer to show that there was a lot more going on between those two luxury cars.

And now we know there was even more going on. Oh dear.

I might have the dirtiest mind the universe but I'm not sure "spread good taste" is the best line here.

Ad agency: CP+B



Perhaps back in the closeted days, "Would you have any Grey Poupon," was slang. The same way Friends Of Dorothy was during World War Two.

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