Prostitute To promote the book " O Doce Veneno do Escorpião" (The Sweet Scorpion Poison) a semi self biographical book written by Bruna Surfistinha who is a Brazilian ex-prostitute, the agency Torke Stunt created a guerrilla campaign with three components and steps.

It all began with the polaroids of Bruna Surfistinha sprinkled generously throughout Lisbon. Underneath her image handwritten note reads "Want to know more about me? go to XXX"

More campaign images inside.

Napkins with lipstick marks were placed in shopping centres, public toilets, pubs and sex-shops. On the napkin was a book's excerpt: " I have seen and done everything. There's no fantasy that can scare me."

Next to fire extinguishers in public places and bookshops, stickers were placed with the text "Extinguish the fire after reading The Sweet Scorpion Poison."

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