In India there are common misconceptions about Neapolitan food. Such as Pizzas need to be thin and crispy or drenched with ketchup or Tabasco or that pasta has to be soft. BBH India found these `stereotypes based on restaurant reviews and decided to educate people about Neapolitan food, for its restaurant client Gustoso. I love me a funny headline driven campaign. Apparently they worked with chef Giulio Adriani to ensure the dishes are authentic. If I'm ever in Mumbai I want to try this place. I'll bet its good.

Client: Gustoso Agency – BBH CCO and Managing Partner - Russell Barrett CEO and Managing Partner - Subhash Kamath Creative Director - Sapna Ahluwalia Copywriter - Yohan Daver, Shivani Krishan Art Director - Sapna Ahluwalia, Chetan Mahajan, Rebecca Daniel, Shirin Kekre Business Director - Anish Kotian Sr. Business partner - Khyati Anand Business partner - Tanya Kalia Illustrators - James Olstein, Chetan Mahajan Retoucher - Uday Kinloskar Executive Producer - Stuti Guha, Rahul Kulkarni