Halls - Speech bubbles - print, New Zealand


Halls - Speech bubbles - print, New Zealand

Throaties illustrate the dangers of loosing your voice - it'll make teeny tiny speech bubbles when you really need to scream. ;)

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: James Conner
Copywriter: Christie Cooper
Account service team: Sophie Martignier, Keri Aves, Greg Jones.
Illustrations: The Craft Shop

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This idea looks so familiar, but I can't say where from - sorry, my brain is just retaining much today/this week/year/decade/century.

Anyone help out a sieve-headed copywriter?

You're not thinking of the comic-book art directions looking a lot like those Lichtenstienian clogged pore-removal stuff ads from a few years back are you? 'Cuz that would be well meta. (I can't recall anything with teeny speech bubbles at the moment)

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