Hang Ten - Authentic Re-Runs/Dukes of Hazzard (2003) Print Ad (US)




Hang Ten - Authentic Re-Runs/Dukes of Hazzard (2003) Print Ad (US)

When Old Navy uses classic TV shows to sell their clothes, their ads look great. They work because the brand is fun and irreverent.

But what happens when a different clothes company tries to execute the same idea?

Click read more to drive by Hazzard County, home of the shortest shorts.

What do you guys think? Do good ol' boys wear surf inspired shirts?

Hang 10 dukes

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IMHO, it's badly executed. None of the models have the right "look", in fact the boys look like young teenage boys, and not the real Dukes.

Car has number INVERTED!
"10" instead of "01"!

P.S.- Spot the minute and you can find something interesting!

Well of course it does. It's an ad from hang TEN.

....the minute?

Then Hang Ten should show the 10 car hanging off something! Then that would be good advertising!

New Idea: take advantage of coincidences (Like I did above) and you got ad humor!

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