Hawaiian Tropic Pink Bits – Turn off the sun - print Sweden


Hawaiian Tropic Pink Bits – Turn off the sun - print Sweden

Brief: Introduce the new sun lotion “Hawaiian Tropic Pink Bits” with a sun protection factor of 50+, which offers maximum protection for those with fair and sensitive skin.

Solution: With a bottle of “Pink Bits” by your side you have the power to turn off the sun. It’s just as easy as using a pull switch. The campaign runs in full-page ads in daily press.

You know with a name like "pink bits" I thought they could have gone way naughtier. ;)

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Brand: Hawaiian Tropic Pink Bits
Agency: Grey Stockholm
Art director: Daniel Backman
Copywriter: Marcus Nystrom
Creative Director: Martin Stadhammar
Final art: Sara Bellafesta, Richard Landérus, Andy Chong


Wendall's picture

Can't say I care much for

Can't say I care much for the name. "Pink Bits" sounds like a nude beach for really fat people.

Mikey_mliano's picture

"Pink bits" sounds a little

"Pink bits" sounds a little dirty to me. Nipples or something maybe?

caffeinegoddess's picture

Odd name indeed, considering

Odd name indeed, considering using the product should prevent pink bits...or so I'd think.

Andreas-Udd's picture

New variant on very old

New variant on very old idea. Remember the kids who were playing on midnight moonlit beaches that won in Cannes? That was better.

Also, had a total sense of deja vu when I found this in Resumé today

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