Helsinki Region Transportation has some new card readers that are touch sensitive or perfect for groups. This print (and French headlines) put the concept over the sensual top, reminding me of perfume ads. But it also makes sense conceptually, as the new card readers are from France. Very silly. I love it. I can't imagine any government transportation company doing anything like this in the states. But it just goes to show you that there's no such thing as a boring client. You can read more info about it on HSL's website.

Client: Helsinki regional transport Agency: 358 Helsinki Creative director / ad: Ale Lauraéus Copy: Antti Tähtinen Graphic desginer: Antti Salminen, Mark Nurmi, Essi Manni Client team director: Veera Kivimäki Agency producer: Mari Romanoff Adaptation: Hélène Vallaud, Sodelcourt Photographer: Lauri Eriksson