With Helsinki Transport Region, all you need is a ticket and a camera, and you can travel freely on the metro, buses, commuter trains and the ferry. I love the simple idea of using the ticket at a camera ot photograph typically touristy things (and typically touristy tourists.)

The destinations, in case anyone is wondering are:

The Sibelius Monument.
Kustaanmiekka: the southernmost island of Suomenlinna
Kotiharju Sauna, one of the traditional public saunas in Helsinki.
Gay Pride Helsinki which goes from June 23-29
And finally Bear Park located in the Kallio, a neighborhood in Helsinki where the alternative cool kids hang out.

Brand: Helsinki Transport Region
Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Agency website: http://www.358.fi
Creative Director: Ale Lauraéus
Art Director: Ale Lauraéus
Copy: Antti Tähtinen, Jonathan Mander
Graphic designer: HP Savolainen
Agency producer: Mari Romanoff, Veera Kivimäki
Account manager: Kimmo Tupala
Product & service designer: Olli Laaksonen, Thomas Hutton
Photographer: Lauri Eriksson / Kuvaamo
Retouching: Jussi Manni


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