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Forget posters. The possible new trend could be the holographic ad. According to AV Interactive40 Punch Tavern pubs in London and Central England are to be fitted with holographic displays showing advertising. Each pub is getting two ColorHolo screens by Colour Holographic as part of a trial. The screens can show upto 70 frames of video and are set off my motion detectors.

Colour Holographic has already created holographic ads for brands like Guinness, Nike, Cadbury's and Bailey's.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Kewl! It's getting more and more like the Minority report every day!

    The Guinness one was a tad dissapointing... If all they wanted was an attractive female drinking the stuff and wiping froth from their lips they could've just paid me to go to the pub. ;)
    I expect more from Guinness! :P

    Sep 13, 2005

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