Zombies, Gremlins, Mexican wrestlers - have we got the car for you. There's method to the madness, as each character represents a different Civic.

* The Urban Woodsman, Jack, lives in the city but is at home in the woods. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors.

* The Zombie, Mitch, is a salesman who's into high-tech gadgets. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic.

* The Monster, Teeny, is a bubbly and studious college coed. Her practical nature and frugal budget align with the fuel-efficient HF model.

* The Ninja, Aiko, is cute, innocent and deadly. A martial-arts phenom who's partial to red licorice and arcade games, she pairs well with the high-energy performance of the Si model.

* Cesar, the Champion Luchador, is somewhat of a celebrity. He's handsome, charming and a bit vain so he, of course, appreciates the Civic Coupe's sleek lines.

Titles: "Characters" (print spread), "Ninja/Si" (wild posting)," Luchador/Coupe" (wild posting), "Woodsman/Hybrid" (wild posting), "Zombie/Sedan" (wild posting), "Teen/HF" (wild posting) First Insert: June 2012 Executive VP, CCO: David Smith Executive VP, Executive Creative Director: Joe Baratelli Senior VP, Group Creative Director: Jason Sperling VP, Creative Director: Nathan Crow VP, Creative Director: Adam Lowrey Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Jamin Duncan Senior Copywriter: Sarah May Bates Sr Production Manager: Susan Cockrell Manager, Art Buying: Ginnie Assenza Photography (characters): Tony D'Orio Photography (car): Tim Kent

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  • Henry Bowman's picture
    Henry Bowman (not verified)

    "To Each Their Own????"

    Call me a fuddy duddy, but does the job description for advertising executive no longer require proficiency with our native language at at least a sixth-grade level?

    To the moron who came up with this campaign, perceive: "each" is singular, "their" is plural. You should be cashiered as swiftly as possible.

    The proper phrase is "To Each His Own," and screw gender-based political correctness.

    I cry for the decline of American standards.

    Apr 27, 2011
  • morning cigar's picture
    morning cigar (not verified)

    I cry for the shittiness of any campaign that is still using Zombies.

    May 13, 2011
  • Stafford Kendall's picture
    Stafford Kendall (not verified)


    Beyond the grammatical problems, use of the plural also undercuts the concept of the campaign by emphasizing that there isn't a Honda custom-built for each of us, but they are created for the masses.

    Grammar nerds unite. At least we still control the libraries, if media have been undermined.

    Jun 12, 2011