Hope for Justice, the anti-slavery charity, do Oscar timed "movie" poster ads

Hope for Justice, the anti-slavery charity, created ads that visually nod to Oscar winning movie "12 years a slave" poster. Before the Academy Awards began, the charity tweeted out this image wishing Steve McQueen luck.

The anti-slavery ads, created by designer Suki Rai and Dare's CCO Sean Thompson tells real stories of people who have been held as slaves before being rescued.

The "5 years" ad that tells the story of Emma, who was kept as a slave for five years and was trafficked to be prostituted, ran in Metro today. Metro donated the media space to the charity.
In a related earlier story, Amnesty International has called for prostitution to be decriminalized to "protect human rights" and many are voicing concern that this will make way for even more trafficking.

Client: Hope for Justice Agency: DARE CCO: Sean Thompson Designer: Suki Rai
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