To promote its “WASD” gaming brand in China, Hewlett Packard China is targeting hardcore gamers with a campaign in gaming magazines and conventions under the enigmatic platform "Gamers Know."

We all know this injury (at least if you are master race) as "The Mark of a True Gamer”, a nod to those who have spent countless hours playing their favourite games but has yet to invest in a proper wrist-rest. With this image HP winks to the gamer crowd, hoping to appeal to gamers in preparation for the release of a series of ultra powerful computers over the next few months.

Client: HP China Agency: FF GROUP Ad Title: Mark of a True Gamer Brand Supervisor: Vikrant Batra Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid Creative Director: Huang Feng Copywriter: Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec Art Director: Alexis Chatain Agency Supervisor: Ben Chen Head of Production: Karim Naceur Agency Producer: Slim Trabelsi Photographer: Pierrick Jégou Don't hesitate if you need more information about this campaign. Best Regards