Helsinki is growing. And that's both a good and bad thing. Good for the economy. Bad for the car commute. Helsinki Region Transport wanted to target drivers for the first time and encourage them to start taking public transportation.

Drivers, who when polled, said they were too lazy to find where to get a transportation cards.

Instead of showing the benefit to public transportation, Helsinki Agency 358 chose to highlight the problems of driving instead. And then offer a bigger incentive.

For the duration of the "Take a Spring Break from Driving" campaign (which breaks today) everyone who signs up for the first time will get the HSL travel card delivered to their homes and two weeks travel-time for free.

Wow. Can we say "hand holding?"

Agency: 358 Helsinki Country: Finland Creative director: Ale Lauraéus Copy: Axa Fahler AD: Ale Lauraéus Graphic designer: HP Savolainen Client team director: Kimmo Tupala, Minna Kaitala Agency producer: Mari Romanoff Photographer: Lauri Eriksson, Christian Jakowleff / Kuvaamo Retouching: Jomppe Vaarakallio Client / HSL: Jarno Ekström, Mari Flink, Kaarina Kivimäki

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