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Our friends at mortierbrigade in Belgium sent in this poster campaign.

"An ad campaign made for the Belgian weekly magazine HUMO. We thought by mixing the cultures, we could even make the "worst persons" -interpret free at will- beautiful. Four different ads were placed in print in the magazine and used outdoors. The campaign proved to be very popular, with people tearing the big outdoor posters off to use at home. These were wild-posted next to the real campaigns for the regional elections."

Client: Humo
Contacts: Guy Mortier, Chantal Janssens, Claudia Smeuninx
Agency: mortierbrigade ( Belgium)
Head of Quarters: Veerle Devos
CD: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster
Copy: Joost Berends
AD: Dieter Vanhoof
Strategy: Tom Himpe
Illustration: Victor Sanchez
Producer: Thierry Lambot (Print Producer)
Photographer: Frieke Janssens
Retouching: Idéal23
Media: Posters, radio


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