"Idea man" invents advertising on parking stripes


"Idea man" invents advertising on parking stripes

The Denverpost shares a story of an ad exec with big ideas, the kind that looks for new places to put ads - before any specific communication idea - all the time. Oh boy.

...Golden advertising executive Greg Gorman, 46, has come up with a better idea.
In 2003, he looked out his window at the Denver West office park and noticed all the safety-yellow stripes marking parking spaces. Why not turn those stripes into ads? he mused.
Why not print a logo or advertising message on a piece of adhesive tape and paste it right over those boring lines?
Gorman immediately called 3M Co. to see if it produced an adhesive tape that could be used to turn parking stripes into flashy mini billboards.

The story does not explain why Gordon didn't think of calling the "media owner" as it were, first. But now that 3M has developed a good sticky strip, he has founded Parking Stripe advertising together with privately owned parking lots across the US. Yikes, talk about ad creep.




Hmm... I wonder if these things are urine- and squealing-tire-burnout-proof? Or, in the case of Denver, snow-cover-proof? (Billboards have gravity on their side to deal with the snow, you know.)

Hmm... or Hummer-parking-diagonally-over-three-parking-spaces-proof?

And of course, these ads are going to be upside-down or sideways for viewers 75% of the time. Still, once could have a bit of fun with these, if done right.

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