Jees, I don't even know what to say. The modelmaker must have laughed out loud at the request of making a stuffed toy cow with cleavage though. So wrong. I bet furries want it.

MonkeyTeddy Bear

These ads were published April/May 2008.

Client/Product: IG / IG Parental Control Title: Stuffed Animals Headline and copy text: IG Parental Control. Make the internet a safe place. Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil Agency website: Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos Art Director: Daniel Prado Copywriter: Patricia Leme Photographer: Gustavo Lacerda Digital Retouch: Alessandra Perez Modelmaker: Zsa-Zsa Fantini

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  • Neo's picture

    Someone needs to explain this to me. In small fluffy words.

    Aug 06, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    fluff fluff fluffy fluff fluff! Fluffy!!!

    Aug 07, 2008
  • RLDavies's picture

    Definite furry material. There's a whole subclass of furries called "plushies" who are turned on by stuffed animal toys.

    Aug 07, 2008
  • Allan1's picture

    Is that the stuffed toys having sex? (and cumming?) :-)

    Aug 16, 2008

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