Je regrette, mais... as you adgrunts know my French totally sucks, but not so bad I can't see what they've done here with the headlines. Perfect: "Turns grilled cheese sandwiches into croque-monsieurs" in English becomes "Transforme les patates pilées en pommes purée". You don't need to know the language well to see that they have the exact same tone of voice in those lines.

Link to larger French version

Zig explain their kitchen reasoning:

And for IKEA’s kitchen outfitting, the thinking is that Canadians have been renovating kitchens in record numbers – turning them into “great rooms” used for everything from homework, to home organization and planning, and yes, occasionally even cooking. But somehow this was getting lost in the business of renovating a room. People were allowing themselves to lose site of the real reason to renovate, pre-occupied by resale value, square-footage and stainless steel. We had a real opportunity to relate IKEA’s mission of “a better everyday life at home” to the new definition of the Canadian kitchen. We needed people to realize that a better center of the home, could really mean a better life at home. We shifted the focus to real life, to what really happens in the kitchen to create a compelling campaign idea – delivered as only IKEA can. The television is airing on prime, fringe and specialty channels in English and French. The spot is supported by Rich Media Banners, which appear in English and French on,,,,, and The French and English print ads will appear in Decoration Chez Soi, Hors Serie Decoration, Renovation Chez Soi, Les Idees de ma Maison, Cuisines es Salles de Bains, Decormag, Food and Drink, House and Home, and Style at Home.

As a current home-renovator (I've been at it for ages) and trend-sensitive Swede, may I just inject one thing? Stainless steel is so 1990's - please stop it all you wanna be stylists out there. All you get is a fugly kitchen full of kids fingerprints on everything. STAY AWAY from the stainless steel. And for gods sake hide the fridge behind a kitchen cabinet door, all fridges but SMEG are ugly as sin. Now, back to the ads!

The TV commercial is here in the commercial archive.

Ikea - Kitchen / Dubbed - (2008) :30 (Canada)


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