Ikea and Zig Toronto are being mighty productive for Ikea recently, here's some of their work shilling the PAX closet range.

Zig Toronto explain;

Advertising for PAX, a highly customizable wardrobe system, is currently in market. PAX is a completely customizable wardrobe system that can be configured thousands of ways – at a really affordable price. We had to demonstrate how consumers can make a PAX wardrobe system something completely customized and their own. So these ads show the amazing features and configurations of the PAX wardrobe system without it feeling like a boring demo. The television is airing in French and English on prime, fringe and specialty channels. Interactive Rich Media Banners are appearing in English only on CanadianHouseandHome.com, StyleatHome.com, and HGTV.com. Magazine ads are appearing in French and English in Les Idees De Ma Maison, Decormag, People, Wish, and House and Home.

Link to larger English image
, link to larger French image

In the TV commercial that goes with it, two powdery pastel clad gals act like macho garage-greaseballs as they inspect Jane's super closet.

IKEA Pax - Garage Talk - (2008) :30 (Canada)

Zig, Toronto

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