Illegal ads on money revisited - Gothenburg Post breaks the law

Veteran adgrunts will recall the Swedish company MoneyMarketingMedia (even the name gives me a headache) who sold the media of sticking stickers on coins - something that both the airline FlyMe and GoGorilla did for the TV-show Traffic back in 2004.

When 2005 rolled around the laws in Sweden had changed to be quite explicit in forbidding advertising on Swedish coins to quell this trend right quick. It didn't help, this week Göteborgs Posten (the Gothenborg Post) is advertising with stickers attached to two coins aimed directly at Uni students.

Last Tuesday during the traditional "nollkamp" at Chalmers, coins were scattered all over the campus. When you tried to pick them up, you'd discover that two coins were stuck together by a sticker which read "Now you can afford it!" enlighting the students to the fact that a subscription to GP is only two kroner a day. If GP will be fined for breaking the law as stated in the new law about marketing on money remains to be seen. They can probably afford it though.

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  • kamari's picture

    Remember when stickers on coins were reserved for hillbilly gas stations and cheap hardware stores who couldn't afford real advertising? Yeah, the eighties, they ruled.

    Sep 14, 2007
  • adlib's picture

    Exactly. I'm old enough to recall when coin stickers weren't "guerilla advertising" instead just tacky (pardon the pun) and reserved for cheesy joints, cheap shops and others who were too poor to ever advertise properly.

    Sep 15, 2007
  • Dabitch's picture

    Glad to know that I'm not the only old fart around here. Now lets tell the kids to GET OFF OUR LAWN!

    Sep 15, 2007

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