INEN Cancer Prevention Center - Slow suicides - print, Peru


INEN Cancer Prevention Center - Slow suicides - print, Peru

Pragma DDB, Lima show us wacky (and sometimes slow) ways of killing yourself as if inspired by the morbidly funny bunny suicides book by Andy Riley. (Not available in China after a boy copied the books ideas). Love the art direction.

Client: INEN Cancer Prevention Center
Agency: Pragma DDB
Alberto Naddeo : Illustrator
Marcelo Naddeo : Photographer
Ricardo Chadwick, Alvaro Naddeo, Emilio Diaz : Creative Director
Alvaro Naddeo: Art Director
Ricardo Chadwick, Alvaro Naddeo, Luben Petkoff : Copywriter

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You know, wouldn't the easiest way to get people to quit smoking be stopping production of tobacco? Call me naive, but...

*puff puff puff* Yeah, if it wasn't available there'd be NO underground mafia selling it. No way. Nuh-uh. Nope. *puff puff*

Same thing applies to gun control - just don't make any more bullets!

Well, yes. But I don't think I'd bother buying it from them.

We've already had Prohibition back in the 1920's (in the USA), where alcohol was banned, and 'normal' people found themselves bothering to go to speakeasies, and buying bathtub gin, or making it themselves. In fact, in all likelihood, it made it easier for US citizens to be comfortable with buying pot from scrubby-looking dealers, and eventually, buying crack from streetcorner 'vendors' in the shadier parts of town, in broad daylight (and, of course, other times of the day). They impound your car if they catch you buying in Philadelphia (and they catch a lot of suburbanites). .

(I liked one set of lines on last week's My Name is Earl - "He's crazy! I saw him kill 3 Koreans with one bullet. And he didn't have a gun! He just pushed the bullet into their heads!")

Yes, suppose you're right. Must take my 'don't talk crap' pills ;)

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