There were those who a few years back (me included) worried about where ad creep might take us. Here we have it folks, garbage pails as advertising space! The first person who says "Britart" wins a trip to an old Badland posting.

The dutch copy puns;

Put aside for something more special from Interior
The webshop with the latest trend in living.

Agency: Breed Creative Communications

Interior Matters is the web shop with the latest trend in living. Time to get rid of
your old furniture. In The Netherlands garbage is put aside on the street.

Creative Director: Edward den Ouden Art Director: Scott van der Velden, Jean Pierre Kin Copywriter: Edward den Ouden Illustrator: Soctt van der Velden Account Executive: Lisa Varkevisser Country: The Netherlands

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  • purplesimon's picture

    Recycled items. Recycled idea.

    And how close is that colour to Magenta? I think a telecoms brand might be in touch if it's too close :)

    Sep 05, 2008

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