The people who work on the Apple campaign never hear John Gillard's words "White space does not communicate" in their heads. To them, they hacked it, white space is there to make a point. And yes, this has been superbly brilliant at times. It's clever, and understated in a wall of noise asking for attention, thereby standing out. Kind of like running a TV-spot with no sound at all. The mute-people would never know the difference, while the people who leave sound on might walk up to their unit and give it a proper smack. Only in the good old days when you had living-room hardware that could be smacked to work.

This little piece of media-smarts from TBWA\Media Arts Lab depicting an iPad mini, as it is tucked into the corner of a magazine's back cover showing the same image that's on the magazine's front cover. It's clever, you see, and it uses the size of the media space it advertises in to announce HELLO WORLD WE ARE SMALLER and, see that's where I lost it. I know it's not the size of your monitor, it's how you use it... But still, all you just told me is: I AM SMALLER THAN THE THING YOU HAVE NOW and sure, you ain't getting dated on that. This ain't the 1980's every Sony is smaller-era, is it? Nope. No worries mate. It's not desperate. Neither is that gel-addiction of yours. I mean, c'mon. I gather, I should be excited about a smaller gadget here. A not-quite an ipad, and not as small as an iphone but a right there in between thing that can't make phonecalls.... Why? I already have two of those. A Nexus, and a Samsung so, uhm.. Yeah you're the iPad I was seriously tempted by, but I never got .. and smaller.... right? Good luck with that flirt, gais. Not buying it.. Unless you are free. KTXBAI!

---- Credits: ‘Front Pages’ Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab CCO: Duncan Milner ECD: Eric Grunbaum CD: Simon Cassels, Jon Lancaric ACD: Kevin Butler Sr. Art Director: Melinda Keough, Paul Wysocan, Joe Fotheringham Head of Art Production: Helen O’Neil Art Producer: Sara Clark, Jessica Gerweck Print Producer: Anna Haro Photographer: Andy Bettles Production Company: Bauerfeind Productions Digital Art: Portus Imaging Prepress: Andresen ----

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