Jeep's new print ads tout clean running

The latest print effort for Jeep out of BBDO Detroit for the Jeep Liberty CRD. Touted as their cleanest-running diesel ever.

Client: Jeep Agency: BBDO Detroit Creative Directors: Bill Morden, Gary Topolewski, Mike Stocker,Robin Chrumka Art Director: John O'Hea Copywriter: Ty Hutchinson
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The thing only gets 22mpg city and 26mpg hwy. Diesel! We're supposed to buy that this is good?! American auto makers are trying desparately to convince the buying public that their vehicles are green, while their technology and execution is years behind Japanese and European companies. The ad is nice, but very deceptive. It seems that America's obsession with thirsty muscle cars and rediculous SUV's has already begun to bite itself in the ass. AGAIN. The advertising, no matter how cute, cannot make up for poor planning.

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Plus, it farts white smoke.

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americans will never give up their SUVs, its just not gonna happen. the only thing jeep is trying to do is damage control and make it seem like they are enviro-friendly. they only have to say they are and sort of half prove that they are and people will buy it. although i'm willing to guess that being a diesel will make it less desirable because people dont know enough about it to make the switch

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