HUGE's new creative director is a west coast import, and before heading east he created Adios LA billboards to break up with Los Angeles city proper.

On Lincoln Blvd, Olympic Blvd, Venice blvd, Beverly Blvd and Highland ave you can find these real billboards created by John Jackson who left LA for a gig in New York city and apparently had money to burn (or pre-scheduled media slots and favors to cash in, more likely).

As they say on the site:

Jon Jackson has spent nearly his entire life wearing shorts living in LA. He is now zipping the pant legs back on and moving east. Jon is leaving Los Angeles to work for HUGE as a Creative DIrector in Brooklyn (Red is leaving because without Jon as a roommate he alone can't afford the rent in Santa Monica).

As far as self-promos go, this one is by far the most colorful.

Creative: John Jackson